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Book Reviews

Reviews for Sweetheart: A Love Poetry Collection

“The words that come off the pages are like sweet love songs capturing your soul with every word written. John Nevel is a poetic genius. This book will make you believe in love and will rekindle any love that's been lost. Powerful, uplifting, and very romantic. I give it 5 stars! This is the book to have! I love it!” -Prince Tru Being


“John Nevel takes the essence of love and explores it’s; chemical, natural, social, and spiritual dynamic. The words which flow from heart and mind are smooth, salient, and desirable. Read on lover of words, read on!” -Patrick Detscher (Author of Life Unbolted)


“John Nevel’s work touches the heart and soul. His poetry comes from the heart and is a prospective of a man in love with his woman. Brilliant!” -Jason Ben “Sancho Man” Trujillo


“Love touching. I can tell it came straight from the heart.” -Pamela Randell


“Move over Bruno Mars! Here comes John Nevel! He is very creative with his words, and his heart and soul are poured onto each page.” -Tallanah Dougless


“John Nevel writes words that come from the soul. He writes to feed the soul, the heart, and the eyes.”

-Warren Stogdell


“The words John writes have literally touched my soul. Every poem is so pure and written with so much passion. While reading them I find myself lost in a world of love, romance, and beauty. Absolutely stunning poetry!” -Ashley McPhail


“Wow! I'm impressed! These poems really hit home and touched my heart. These are the kind of words I picture saying at my wedding one day. Completely describes the love I share with my partner.”

-Crystal Francisco


“Sweetheart really captures the innocence and passion that one has for another. There is so much deep meaning behind every passage. The poems really warm the soul!” -James Love


“John Nevel has a way with words. He tells an entire story in just a few short lines. You can tell that he speaks from the heart, from experiences, from life lived.” -Cindy Shew


“John Nevel writes in a way where he expresses his true feelings in such short words that are deep, meaningful, and powerful.” -Kiana Hernandez-Espinoza


“I find the words of John Nevel very romantic and melodic as he writes every poem from the heart.”

-Sandy Castillo

Reviews for Poetic Mind: The Collection

“John Nevel is the king of poetry. He writes from his soul, and his poetry has captivated me. I couldn’t stop reading. Dynamic, inspirational, and extremely passionate! You have always toted a tablet and pencil in your hand since you were twelve years old. You always wrote about what you were feeling in your heart and soul and put it into your poetry. This book is a must have!”

-Catherine Corrado


“Extraordinary!” -Vera Miles (Actress in “Psycho” and many other films)


“Thought provoking. Feeling invoking. Real. Intimate. John Nevel takes you on a journey that makes you believe you are in his mind, and emotion guides his pen. With such eloquent words and immaculate writing, you never want to stop reading. You never want this poetic journey to end.”

-Jordan Dominic


“With blunt force and gentle confidence, John Nevel shares with us how he sees the world. Sometimes lyrical, sometimes narrative, always raw, and honest. His words flow across the page with philosophies and revelations dancing across the backs of my eyelids like a flicker-show. Like any true poet or artist, he gestures to the world and says: Look. This what I see. Do you see it too?”

-Jesse D’Angelo (Author of Skinner)


“John Nevel will capture the hearts of many with his words. Each poem will get you lost from reality for just a few seconds, and revisit old memories.” -Lorenzo Dozier (Author of 31 Days to Live)


“It is amazing the way you use your words to create beautiful arrangements of art. The words seem to flow so easily from your pen. You truly have a tremendous talent for telling a story and bringing the reader into your words. Your poetry really brought me into the story you were writing. Truly amazing and I’m really impressed!” -John Nevel Sr.


“Poetic Mind is a selection of poems that speak to you on an enlightened level. John Nevel has not only written the poems but has also told stories through his work that convey real issues and people in a relatable way. I get a strong sense of depth when reading this collection, and I can see a range of social dilemmas that have been explored and highlighted in a positive way. A great read!”

-Lorraine Salisbury


“Outstanding! I could not put this book down. I love it! John Nevel writes with so much passion and talent. The book starts out reflecting on today’s issues, then had me taking a trip down memory lane because it related to my journey. I have many favorite poems in this one. John Nevel has an amazing way with words, and I can’t wait for more! I highly recommend this book to everyone!”

-Tracy Kaber

"Like Emily Dickinson and Sylvia Plath, John Nevel finds universes of meaning in small, carefully observed facets of life.  In his collected works, Poetic Mind, John shows that he can examine things as simple as a clock or the rain and discover profound meaning through observation from new perspectives.   The volume is aptly titled because many of the poems deal with the processes of the mind:  imagination, creativity, brainstorming, even writer's block.  His style shows a familiarity with the classics modernized with echoes of rap structure.  John is an important new voice, and I look forward to more of his work." -Robert Jerome

"Poetic Mind is a deep dive into the mind of its creator, John Nevel. Nevel clearly enjoys experimental writing as he utilizes a range of styles to keep his work fresh. No two poems are the same. Nevel is familiar with and influenced by the classics. He has taken what he has learned and created his own amazing style. Many of the poems are best enjoyed read aloud as Nevel makes repeated use of rap structures.

While each poem is different Nevel, has taken this opportunity to share with us what he cares about most. Nevel has fought for his country, and there are clearly parts of modern society he is unhappy with. In this work, he rallies against varying social dilemmas and kinds of discrimination whether it be racism, sexism, or prejudices against mental health. Nevel's imagery is vivid and strong. Some poems are almost a slideshow of his innermost thoughts. Most powerful are the poems where he reflects on his own struggles and history. He does give readers some lighthearted moments. Some poems are joyous and tell us a short story. One of my personal favorites is Kiss of the Dragon-a fantasy poem about a dragon and an old lady.
Nevel is confident in his both his writing and the value of his experiences. The author spends a lot of time in this collection trying to inspire others to write. Several poems in the collection are solely about writing processes and helping others to take the dive into discovering their own talents.
Poetic Mind: The Collection, by John Nevel, is a great collection of poems whether you're familiar with Nevel's work or not. The poems are vivid and inspiring and, if nothing else, it is fascinating to take such an incredible look into the psyche of another human being. I highly recommend this exceptional piece of work by Nevel." -Literary Titan ★★★★★


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"Coming Soon" book trailer for Poetic Mind II: The Collection-2023

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